Our normal turnaround time is 7-10 business days. Orders over 1000 pieces may take longer based on the work flow at that time.

  • We do all apparel, denim, towels, uniforms, aprons, bags, suitcases, blankets, upholstery fabric, animal apparel, vests, caps, visors, personalized gifts and many more. We can embroider just about anything, as long as we can get an embroidery hoop on it.

  • Drop ship services. Have your orders drop-shipped directly to us. We will check in your order by size, color, and quantity.

  • UPS customer delivery. We can ship directly to your customer with your name and address as the return address on the shipping label. We have excellent quality control and will make sure your order looks great before reaching your clients.

  • Terms. We offer net 15 or net 30, to our contract customers. New customer’s first order is always COD.