At first glance, digitizing art for embroidery machines may seem like a simple procedure that anyone with computer skills can do. This is true to a point; however, knowing how to work punching software is only the first step.

  • Converting flat art or a printed image into an embroidery file requires years of experience with embroidery machines and working with an array of fabrics — and, it’s also essential to know the embroidery production process. Custom Embroidery Services has that knowledge and experience.

  • Once we receive your art work, we will send you a quote. We can work with most file types. High resolution is very helpful. After accepting the quote we will the begin the digitizing process and send you a digital proof. We will never proceed with an order without customer approval of the logo.

  • We charge a one-time fee to set up your logo for embroidery. The set up charge is based on the complexity of the design and the stitch count. Our base price is $65 for up to 6000 stitches. With our in-house expertise we have the ability to set up text for as low as $15 and names and monograms for only $6.